Development Cooperation of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, as a member of the international community of democratic and economically developed countries, recognizes the principle of mutual solidarity between people and countries, and accepts its share of responsibility in finding solutions to global problems. One way of putting these words in action is the program of international development cooperation that is an integral part of the Czech foreign policy. The Czech Republic sees a moral obligation in contributing to the coordinated international activities aimed at reducing poverty in less developed and less wealthy parts of the world.

We fully support the Millennium Development Goals defined in the Millennium Declaration of 2000 and reaffirmed at the UN World Summit in September 2005 where the international community again expressed its determination to eradicate extreme poverty, its causes and consequences. The Czech Republic subscribes to the multidimensional approach to combating poverty which cannot be understood in simple economic terms of low income per capita but also in connection to social and environmental issues. The key goals of the Czech development cooperation include poverty reduction, economic and industrial development, gradual integration of partner countries into the world economy, agricultural development, promotion and consolidation of democracy, human rights and good governance, introduction of principles of lawful conduct, migration control, sustainable development with a focus on environmental protection, and post-conflict reconstruction. During the implementation of all development projects, the Czech Republic always takes into consideration the "cross-cutting issues" (such as promotion of civic society, gender equality, etc.).
Relevant Legislation and Other Documents.

In the past ten years, the Czech Republic introduced a number of major changes in the concept and organization of development cooperation, aimed at increasing the efficiency of aid provided to partner countries and adapting it to the changing international environment (for the relevant legislation see the following table). A turning point was the Czech Republic's accession to the European Union that is the world's leading provider of external assistance. The Czech Republic is committed to a continued system reform in order to rank among leading donors, and to meet the obligations arising from the membership in the EU and OECD.

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  • Resolution of the Czech Republic Government no. 1311, dated October 12, 2005, "The Criteria of Selection and Financing of Bilateral Projects of International Development Cooperation of the Czech Republic"


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